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On Top Of Madrid

by zuela -- 17/6/2010 04:18:44
The roof terrace of La Casa Encendida is a very nice spot. Here it is lively.  Young people are dancing, laughing and kissing.


by zuela -- 17/6/2010 04:10:56
The Teatro Circo Price is conspiciuous, because of the posters and flags.

Monster Roof

by zuela -- 17/6/2010 03:57:22
The museum Reina Sofia is a quiet attractive building and the huge red projecting roof is an eyecatcher.

Flying Breadcrumbs

by zuela -- 17/6/2010 03:53:25
A pigeon crowd is pecking bread.

Interactivity square

by zuela -- 17/6/2010 03:50:51
What's that? -We see a place with an exceptional concept. Here you can do "sports" on the street.

Fountain Street

by zuela -- 17/6/2010 03:35:38
The fountain dominates the roundabout and is as loud as the traffic noise. Because of the water it is inviting.

City Promenade

by zuela -- 17/6/2010 03:29:02
Oh, what a nice place! We feel very well. We hear bird-chirping We see trees, playing kids and cafés.

Stained Building

by zuela -- 17/6/2010 03:23:30
We stopped at this run-down house.


by zuela -- 17/6/2010 03:19:03
The environment changes from a looked-after street before into a street with a lot of vacanty.


by zuela -- 17/6/2010 03:14:57
Destruction of a piece of the block.