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by shorty -- 17/6/2010 06:54:04
Shopping Mall (Pedro Bosch)

Most important comercial building in this area connected young and old people in a pleace. The densitiy of people is very high. Everthing is fast again and work in a flow together (17.00 h).

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by shorty -- 17/6/2010 06:39:42
Office Area (Pedro Bosch)

Everthing goes fast. There just business people who fast cross the street to enter one of the four offices. Flow of infrastructure and people (16.30).

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by shorty -- 17/6/2010 06:25:06
Pedro Bosch (M-30)

This is the most important junction of the area. The railway crosses the street and it looks like a limit of the area. At this point you have a overview of the industrial and comercial area. There are lot of possibilities to expand the area because of the open free space. It'a peak of the infrastrucure (16.15 h).

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by shorty -- 17/6/2010 06:17:11
Industrial Ares Mendez Alvaro

Altough is a industrial area there are also propertys which are degenerate. It looks strange when between the modern (16.05 h)

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by shorty -- 17/6/2010 06:06:33
Alvaro Mendez

A Area of new buildings with offices. Very modern and it seems that this area is more rich The infrastructure is growing at this point and the sound become very loud. (15.50).

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by shorty -- 17/6/2010 05:58:15
Parque Enrique Tierno Galvan

Lot of possibilities for sport action and a area for kids. But the Parque was at this time empty, just one person who played Basektball. Very silent and a smell of wood (15.30).

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by shorty -- 17/6/2010 05:51:32
Calle de Ramirez de Prado

Location of the Biblioteca general. Empty space and nobody is enter the Biblioteca. Just one Person who came out.


by shorty -- 17/6/2010 05:44:18

Undergroundstation in this area but at this time very empty. This area is seperated from the main street and it's like that it lives for itself (15.10 h).


by shorty -- 17/6/2010 05:30:18
Paseo de Santa Maria de la Cabeza

This is the second junction of this area where it can be seen that the infrastructure is working very good. There a lot of old people but not much young people. It's very noisy and there is a fast atmosphere (14.45).

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by shorty -- 17/6/2010 05:06:35
Calle del Ferrocarril

Modern and old buildings overlaped. It's a mix of old an modern architecture. Just a few people crossing the street (14.30).