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step 27

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 05:09:00
nice parc behind the campus but nobody around there

step 26

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 04:59:21
much cars seems as if most students go by car to university

lot of jung people especially woman hanging around relaxed atmosphere

buildings look like denying facism arcitecture

step 25

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 04:50:33
nice place but very empty

wide view donw the hill

much traffic to/from university and hospital


step 24

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 04:44:22
very confusing space

chaos is dominating

lost orientation

step 22

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 04:27:24
<span class="entryText">a very shabby place much graffiti

but kinda funny that a lot of kids playing around there just happy not considering about the shabby place

step 21

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 04:14:19
fenced golf range and sport area

raining but a lot people jogging and getting active

lot of rich people around there


step 20

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 04:10:30
wide open space dominated from traffic with a great view down the streets

step 19

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 04:07:29
fenced park

nearby pavement cafes wothout any guests very empty exept of traffic

step 18

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 04:03:18
local shops, no traffic any more but very narrow

step 17

by julianro -- 17/6/2010 03:59:12
empty, green side roads

very calm atmosphere and relaxed