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var languageStrings = new Array(); languageStrings["Vote"] = 'Vote'; languageStrings["Voted"] = 'Voted'; languageStrings["View in map"] = 'View in map'; languageStrings["Delete entry"] = 'Delete entry'; languageStrings["Edit entry"] = 'Edit entry'; languageStrings["Post a comment"] = 'Post a comment'; languageStrings["Log in to write a comment"] = 'Log in to write a comment'; languageStrings["Comments RSS"] = 'Comments RSS'; languageStrings["Submit"] = 'Submit'; languageStrings["Added to mosaic"] = 'Added to mosaic'; languageStrings["Missing information"] = 'Missing information'; languageStrings["Title"] = 'Title'; languageStrings["Category"] = 'Category'; languageStrings["Position"] = 'Position'; languageStrings["Invalid latitude"] = 'Invalid latitude'; languageStrings["Invalid longitude"] = 'Invalid longitude'; languageStrings["Wrong video type"] = 'Wrong video type'; languageStrings["tags"] = 'tags'; languageStrings["DeleteConfirmation"] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?'; languageStrings["centerAddress"] = 'puerta del sol 1'; languageStrings["City"] = 'madrid'; languageStrings["commonFiles"] = '/'; function getString(id) { if(languageStrings[id]!=null && languageStrings[id].length>0) return languageStrings[id]; return id; }