Organizations and centers involved in community-based research in the U.S.
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Youth on Board

by urban -- 15/8/2012 09:37:51
Since 1994, Youth on Board (YOB), a program in the Education Department of YouthBuild USA, has forged partnerships between youth and adults to create positive communities in which young people are valued, engaged, and heard.

Youth on Board works with youth organizers to provide programming, play an active role in local, regional, and national policy debates related to youth voice in decision making, and provides training and consultation. We also publish materials based on our work.

In 2002, we began working to bring student voice and engagement to the forefront of the educational movement on a national level. On a local level, we have formed unique partnerships with both the Boston Public School (BPS) district and independent youth advocates throughout the city. Our ... [Extend]

No More Deaths

by urban -- 15/8/2012 09:21:04
No More Deaths is an organization whose mission is to end death and suffering on the U.S./Mexico border through civil initiative: the conviction that people of conscience must work openly and in community to uphold fundamental human rights. Our work embraces the Faith-Based Principles for Immigration Reform and focuses on the following themes:

• Direct aid that extends the right to provide humanitarian assistance
• Witnessing and responding
• Consciousness raising
• Global movement building
• Encouraging humane immigration policy.

The Aspen Institute

by urban -- 15/8/2012 09:15:15
The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to foster leadership based on enduring values and to provide a nonpartisan venue for dealing with critical issues. The Institute has campuses in Aspen, Colorado, and on the Wye River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It also maintains offices in New York City and has an international network of partners.

The Aspen Institute does this primarily in four ways:

<li class="first">Seminars, which help participants reflect on what they think makes a good society, thereby deepening knowledge, broadening perspectives and enhancing their capacity to solve the problems leaders face.
Young-leader fellowships around the globe, which bring a selected c... [Extend]

Research for Action

by urban -- 15/8/2012 09:08:20
Research for Action (RFA) bridges the worlds of research and educational policy and practice. For two decades, our mission has been to conduct rigorous studies – qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods – designed to provide a broad range of educational stakeholders with the information they need to improve student outcomes and strengthen schools and communities.

We work together with individuals and organizations at the local, state and national levels to promote educational reform that is effective, sustainable and equitable.

ROC United

by urban -- 15/8/2012 09:03:19
The mission of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC-United) is to improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s low-wage restaurant workforce. ROC-United is the only national restaurant workers’ organization in the United States. ROC-United is the only national organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to the needs of restaurant workers. Despite employing more than 10 million workers and producing more than $1.7 trillion in revenue each year, the United States restaurant industry is less than 1% unionized. Until ROC-United’s growth and development, the lack of organization left millions of restaurant workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation around the country. Through participatory research and policy work, employer engagement, workpl... [Extend]

Spark Teacher Education Institution

by urban -- 15/8/2012 08:40:43
Spark Teacher Education Institute is committed to the preparation of future teachers as skillful practitioners, leaders and collaborative innovators, able to confront and reconstruct practices and policies in order to create rich environments and equitable opportunities for learning and for living.

Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance

by urban -- 15/8/2012 07:50:59
Founded in 2003 by seven leading Massachusetts-based policy organizations, the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance works to improve the state’s development policies in order to build welcoming communities with a high quality of life.


Our objectives include the promotion of healthy and diverse communities, the protection of critical environmental resources and working landscapes, the creation of housing and transportation choices, and equitable community development and urban reinvestment.

The Alliance achieves its mission by advancing legislation, promoting a favorable regulatory environment, and advocating for state planning, funding and construction decisions in line with the state’s sustainable development principles. Furthermore... [Extend]

Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

by urban -- 15/8/2012 07:44:30
As a university-wide, interdisciplinary research institute, the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity works to deepen understanding of the causes of—and solutions to—racial and ethnic disparities worldwide and to bring about a society that is fair and just for all people.

Kirwan Institute research is designed to be actively used to solve problems in society. Its research and staff expertise are shared through an extensive network of colleagues and partners—ranging from other researchers, grassroots social justice advocates, policymakers, and community leaders nationally and globally, who can quickly put ideas into action.

Kansas African American Affairs Commission

by urban -- 15/8/2012 07:36:43
The KAAAC members devise strategies to address the public policy concerns of the African American community through its partnerships with the state agencies, corporations and foundations. The Commission will serve as a conduit for programs, grants, research, and policy advice for state and local organizations in addressing concerns that are unique to the African American Community in the state of Kansas.


by urban -- 15/8/2012 04:32:57
DataHaven is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the Greater New Haven and Valley Region by compiling and sharing high-quality public information for effective decision making. DataHaven is a partner of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, a collaborative national effort by the Urban Institute and approximately 40 local partners to further the development and use of neighborhood information systems in local policymaking and community building. We are also a partner of the Connecticut Data Collaborative, a new statewide initiative to further the use of high-quality data in state policymaking.