Organizations and centers involved in community-based research in the U.S.
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Center for the New Economy

by patmola -- 12/1/2012 08:25:47
CNE is organized to function as a think-tank, producing independent research and policy on issues of economic development. As a think tank, we are guided by the following values:


Non-Partisanship: We believe that public policy is best developed independently of any party platform or political agenda.

Not-for-Profit: CNE’s views and its research agenda are set solely by its Senior Management with support from its Faculty. CNE does not engage in any work for hire. In order to safeguard the independence of the research staff in the pursuit of their studies, all fundraising efforts are separate and insulated from the research and policy work. Donors to the Center are advised that their support will not in any way control, determine, or influe... [Extend]