Organizations and centers involved in community-based research in the U.S.
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Institute for Urban Policy Research

Founded in 2005 as the J. McDonald Williams Institute, the mission of the Institute for Urban Policy Research is to provide research and evaluation, education and outreach, and project guidance and consulting services to inform, motivate, and inspire community-focused organizations that improve the quality of life in the communities they serve.

Our diverse staff recognizes the value of a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, and brings a wealth of experience to each project we engage. We believe that our dedication to applying state-of-the-art, proven tools to solve problems empowers our clients to shape their future rather than being pushed by the current. At the end of the day, our clients know that they can depend on us for innovative, professional ... [Extend]

Youth on Board

by urban -- 15/8/2012 09:37:51
Since 1994, Youth on Board (YOB), a program in the Education Department of YouthBuild USA, has forged partnerships between youth and adults to create positive communities in which young people are valued, engaged, and heard.

Youth on Board works with youth organizers to provide programming, play an active role in local, regional, and national policy debates related to youth voice in decision making, and provides training and consultation. We also publish materials based on our work.

In 2002, we began working to bring student voice and engagement to the forefront of the educational movement on a national level. On a local level, we have formed unique partnerships with both the Boston Public School (BPS) district and independent youth advocates throughout the city. Our ... [Extend]

Urban Strategies Council

The Urban Strategies Council is a community building support and advocacy organization located in Oakland, California. Founded as a non-profit in 1987, the Council works with stakeholders in low-income communities, community-based organizations, and public systems to expand services for children and families, improve health, educational, and other outcomes, and increase employment and economic opportunities. Its mission is to eliminate persistent poverty by working with partners to transform low-income neighborhoods into vibrant, healthy communities.

National Development and Research Institutes, Inc.

Founded in 1967, NDRI is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge in the areas of drug and alcohol abuse, treatment and recovery; HIV, AIDS and HCV; therapeutic communities; youth at risk; and related areas of public health, mental health, criminal justice, urban problems, prevention and epidemiology.

National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. (NDRI) established in 1967 is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt non-governmental agency. It includes social science researchers, outreach community workers, and trainers. NDRI is governed by a Board of Directors who come from diverse backgrounds including health care providers, community leaders, criminal justice professionals, financial experts, and social science researchers. ... [Extend]

Coalition for Community Schools

by urban -- 15/8/2012 04:23:21
The Coalition for Community Schools, housed at the Institute for Educational Leadership, is an alliance of national, state and local organizations in education K-16, youth development, community planning and development, family support, health and human services, government and philanthropy as well as national, state and local community school networks. Community schools are both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. There are a number of national models and local community school initiatives that share a common set of principles: fostering strong partnerships, sharing accountability for results, setting high expectations, building on the community’s strengths, and embracing diversity and innovative solutions.

Building Blocks for Kids Collaborative

by urban -- 14/8/2012 11:17:57
Our mission is to support the development of healthy children and the self-sufficiency of all families living in the Iron Triangle area of Richmond California by engaging the community, block by block.

Boston Youth Organizing Project

by urban -- 14/8/2012 11:16:13
BYOP is a live community of youth, supported by adults, who are fighting for justice in the Boston area and beyond. BYOP is an Organizing Project. In weekly meetings, annual elections, seasonal retreats, our Summer Training Institute, and numerous public actions & rallies, BYOP trains and prepares our community’s youth to choose and fight the battles that matter to them using the tools of organizing to build their power.

Boston Parent Organizing Network

by urban -- 14/8/2012 11:12:07
Boston Parent Organizing Network organizes, develop and support parents and families who are marginalized by class, race, language, disability and immigration status to  work with and hold accountable the Boston Public Schools to provide an excellent education for all students.

MacArthur Network on Youth & Participatory Politics

by patmola -- 10/1/2012 04:56:01
YPP is comprised of scholars from universities and research institutions throughout the country and is funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as part of their Digital Media and Learning initiative.

YPP is an interdisciplinary group of scholars who will carry out extensive quantitative research and qualitative research in four interconnected research studies. YPP Network will examine:

The ways new media may foster a new paradigm for participation in the public sphere.
How frequently and how equitably youth engage in networked public participation.
The relationship between online participatory practices and political participation.
Ways to promote more frequent, more equitable, and higher quality political engagement via partici... [Extend]

Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture (CSRPC)

by patmola -- 10/1/2012 04:51:19
The Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture (CSRPC) at the University of Chicago is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to promoting engaged scholarship and debate around the topics of race and ethnicity. We are especially interested in how these ideas and their structural manifestations impact and shape people’s daily lives. Researchers affiliated with the Center recognize the significance of the black/white paradigm in the United States, however, we are committed to expanding the study of race and ethnicity beyond the black/white paradigm. Broadly, our research program encourages the study of race and processes of racialization in comparative and transnational frameworks. Thus, the work of faculty affiliates ranges from an examination of processes of raciali... [Extend]