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Frequently Asked Questions about Meipi.

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What is a meipi?
A meipi is a collaborative space where users can upload information and content around a map. Each meipi has a particular context, which can be local (when the entries are related to a specific area), or thematic (when the content is associated with a particular idea).
How can a meipi be useful?

A meipi allows a group of users to share information around a place or a topic. It can be very useful for collaborative dynamics, workshops, associations, enterprises, groups of friends, artistic actions...

In meipi.org we already have several meipis created by different users. They cover different areas and topics, showing what a meipi can offer.

Do I need to register to participate in a meipi?

Registration is not necessary in order to navigate through the different public meipis and access the information contained in them.

Registration is needed to upload entries, and to rank and comment on them, and also to create meipis. Registration process is very quick and easy, and it has to be done only once for all the meipis where you want to participate; it is not necessary to register each time.


What are the four views of a meipi?

All the information contained in a meipi can be visualized in four different ways, that we call "views": map, list, categories and mosaic.

  • logo map Map: Entries are shown positioned in their corresponding coordinates.
  • logo list List: Entries are organized by the date when they were uploaded. They can also be sorted by their ranking.
  • logo categories Categories: Last entries of each of the categories are shown by columns.
  • logo mosaic Mosaic: Uploaded images can be organized by the users, resulting in mosaics that can be saved.

What are the categories of a meipi?
Categories are defined by the creator of the meipi, so that each entry that is uploaded has to be assigned to one of them.
How can I add content to a meipi?

Clicking on "Add entry", when logged in, a form shows up that permits uploading content to the meipi.

Types of content that may be associated are:

  • Text.
  • Image: In different formats and up to a size of 2MB.
  • Video: It is possible to add videos from YouTube and Google Video. It is necessary to indicate the video ID: Some letters and numbers that can be seen in the video URL. The whole URL can be introduced (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuBgGqGDPVE) as well as just the ID, which for this example is SuBgGqGDPVE.

Is it necessary to place each new entry in the map?
No. Option "post without location" can be selected when uploading a new entry.
Can I rank or comment entries?
Yes. It is necessary to be logged in.
Can I delete or edit entries in a meipi?

Each user can delete and edit the entries he has uploaded to a meipi. Also, administrators and editors of a meipi are able to edit and delete entries uploaded to it.

In order to do so, with the entry open -and being logged in- two links should be shown: "Delete Entry" and "Edit Entry".


Can I create a meipi?

To create a new meipi you need to be registered in meipi.org. Press the button create meipi and fill the form. Once finished, the system confirms automatically that everything has worked properly, showing the address (url http://www.meipi.org/newmeipi) to be used to access directly to the just created meipi.

Once created, can I edit a meipi?

Yes, if you are the creator or an administrator of the meipi. In order to do so, an "Edit Meipi" link should be shown in the navigation bar, when logged in.

Advanced characteristics are configurable, like the assignment of user roles for that meipi.

What kind of users can I define for a meipi?

Two types of users can be defined:

  • Editors: They can delete and edit entries.
  • Administrators: Like the creator of the meipi, they can edit its configuration. They can also edit and delete entries.

I would like to have a meipi where only certain users could post entries, or even access... Is there a way to have a restricted meipi?
meipi.org's initiative is to enable free collaborative spaces, being the information shared and accessible to everyone. If for some reason you need a private meipi (with restricted access or publication), contact us to ask for quotation.
I would like to have a meipi with certain special features... Could you program them?
We have created some special meipis, with specifically designed fields and features, like the one of spermola. If for some reason you need a meipi with special features, contact us to ask for quotation.


Who is developing meipi?
How is meipi developed?

meipi.org uses the following technologies:

I have a comment or suggestion, or I would like to collaborate (for example, translating meipi to another language)...
We'll be glad that you contact us!